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19 May 2018 @ 07:26 am
If you're looking for a beautiful, friendly, NO censorship, NO ads ever place to roleplay, come to Roleplayer Online and find Roleplay ..Liberated.

Owned by the same people that bring you Thorki Comm!


Anyone alive here at all?

Come on guys, let's get something going here. MG has seen a huge resurgence with all the new material.

This Comm should be kicking ass :)
28 December 2017 @ 08:56 pm
Let's have some life here!

Metal Gear is the greatest genre of all, right? Let's show some love with fics and roleplay here!   :)

This is just a small list of groups and Channels on the Site that's being called the new Facebook - ie no censoring, and you can use whatever identity you WANT.

Great for roleplay am I right ??

Most of these groups just got going, so check em out   :)

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30 January 2015 @ 02:25 pm
Sorry for the lull, there's something good on the Horizon!

Your Mod has not been idle, on the contrary there are good things going to be added here this coming week, so look for action happening!!
I'm considering a few additions here to this Comm, and I'd love to hear from all of you!

1. Daily: I already do this, but making sure to check for spam here, and make sure all entries that need to be under a cut are safely tucked away.

2. Weekly: Challenges, prompts, that sort of thing.

3. Art Contests for original Art. With the winner showcased here on the front page profile!
09 May 2014 @ 02:39 am
Rating: G
Words: 2092
Characters: Kazuhira Miller & Big Boss
Summary: If sleepless nights spent doing exhausting paperwork are what it takes to be second-in-command, Kaz is willing to do it, no matter how painfully tiring it can be.

Author’s notes: This takes place about a month or so after Snake recruits Miller. It highly helps to have listened to the Peace Walker Drama CD, but it’s no big deal if you haven’t. It’s set in late 1972, or early 73, however you wish (South American summer, basically). In my interpretation of how things went from there, Kaz just worked as a mercenary for Snake, although more actively than other recruits, but didn’t make his way as second-in-command right away. Also, he probably still felt competitive towards Snake (that part wears down with time though, as we see him more respectful towards Snake in Peace Walker than in the Drama CD). That’s where the idea for this small one-shot came from.
And I suck at giving titles to things.

Read on AO3 - Fanfiction.net - Tumblr

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01 August 2013 @ 06:48 pm


You can leave a prompt, in the comments, with an idea you’d like to see made into a fanwork, and someone may come along and do that. It is also a collection of prompts you can read for inspiration. (You can comment anon of course, anyone can comment).


If you have a LJ or a DW or you are interested in making icons (I personally use my DW one in here too, but that might just me being speshul), then you might want to check this cool little thing:


The themes:
main: peace, negative space, !, close crop, desperation, covered in text, sin, the end, orange, two images
category theme: heavens divide 5
artist’s choice: five icons of whatever you want

Hope someone else is interested! Just trying to spread the word. I won’t bother you for a while after this. Promise. <3

Hi, guys!

Thought I'd pimp this here too, since there should be mutual interest. :)

As you probably someone already knows (because I can't shut up about it),
[community profile] mgs_v is currently open and starting to get active. We are a small group of people, but there's a lot of brainstorming and talking about possible new open challenges for anyone interested in getting something fannish done. The comm is clearly open to stuff re: all the Metal Gear games, even if I foresee the focus will become very much MGSV related when the new game's release date starts to approach. :D

Anyway, question is, would anyone be interested in open challenges involving the creation of icon/graphics, fanfiction, fanart of any kind?

We are considering of opening an icon challenge in the next days, so I thought I'd check if anyone is interested in that, and in other things too.

They will probably stay open indefinitely, or at least until things get interesting. We are taking this slow, because there's totally time, but it's fun to wait for the game together.

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You'll see this crossposted at mgs_slash if you are watching that comm too, sorry about that.
28 June 2011 @ 06:31 am
Hello, everyone! I'm selling an MGS shirt right over here on eBay. It's one of the ones made by Uniqlo a few years ago-- the one of the dude just standing there with a box on his head. It's an awesome shirt and still in perfect condition, so I thought some of you might be interested. :)