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09 May 2014 @ 02:39 am
[Fanfiction] Coffee Cup  
Rating: G
Words: 2092
Characters: Kazuhira Miller & Big Boss
Summary: If sleepless nights spent doing exhausting paperwork are what it takes to be second-in-command, Kaz is willing to do it, no matter how painfully tiring it can be.

Author’s notes: This takes place about a month or so after Snake recruits Miller. It highly helps to have listened to the Peace Walker Drama CD, but it’s no big deal if you haven’t. It’s set in late 1972, or early 73, however you wish (South American summer, basically). In my interpretation of how things went from there, Kaz just worked as a mercenary for Snake, although more actively than other recruits, but didn’t make his way as second-in-command right away. Also, he probably still felt competitive towards Snake (that part wears down with time though, as we see him more respectful towards Snake in Peace Walker than in the Drama CD). That’s where the idea for this small one-shot came from.
And I suck at giving titles to things.

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( Coffee Cup )
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